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  • Opening Night: Design by Destruction by Benjamin John Hall, Film by Carlos Jimenez, Music by Nico Casal

Relaunch Exhibition| Half rainbow shape in solid yellow on silver/ grey back ground |Lead Graphic

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13 March - 31 March 2014

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Design by Destruction

Relaunch: Opening Night |

13 March 2014

The opening night featured a presentation of three new performative shoe-dyeing processes, Design by Destruction, developed by experimental footwear designer Benjamin John Hall.

Known for his conceptual 2012 collection Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection, which explored its title’s mysterious themes, each shoe stood as an enduring relic of the process in which it was conceived: filled and then bled of ink, inflated, illuminated and set on fire.

For the Fashion Space Gallery’s Relaunch programme, Hall reconsidered process-led dyeing methods through examining ideas of entrapment and impermeability.

Benjamin John Hall has worked across a broad spectrum within footwear, both commercial and experimental, and was the recipient of the prestigious ITS award for his fire-lasting process.

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