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  • Credit: POSTmatter

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Digital Disturbances

11 September - 12 December 2015

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Materials Unbound: The Post-Digital Future of Fashion - POSTmatter talk series

Designing and dressing future identities |

Thursday, 26 November

6.3pm – 8.30pm, RHS East


On the panel:

Sitraka Rakotoniaina


Maria Marquez & Emma Zangs, Choreographers


Over a series of three talks and discussions led by online magazine and creative studio POSTmatter, the evolution and disruption of craftsmanship, identity and popular culture in a post-digital age is explored, taking in everything from avatars to emoji, pixels to precious stones, along the way.


This talk suggested new frontiers for fashion’s exploration and representation of identity. Focusing on the development of the avatar in the digital realm, POSTmatter examined the disconnect between our bodies and our online selves. Avatars in gaming and beyond offer an alternate mode of presentation, removed from gender, race and age. In this context, could there be new potential for the fashion industry to take up these methods in order to truly liberate our sense of self? POSTmatter hope that this discussion will act as a springboard for a laboratory of ideas, concluding their series of talks with a look to a speculative future.