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  • Image credit, Angela Camacho

MUJERXS OF MY ABYA YALA - Workshop with activist The Bonita Chola

Workshop |

As part of the Mundo Latinx events programme, Fashion Space Gallery and White Line Projects present



Join creative and activist The Bonita Chola (Angela Camacho) in a workshop that will give you an opportunity to explore heritage and identity through the medium of collage. The aim of Mujerxs Of My Abya Yala (Womxn of my Abya Yala) workshop is to use collage as an image-making and storytelling tool to explore identity, to heal, and to reconnect with ancestry and the past.

Abya Yala means “land of strength, of vital blood and of maturity” in the Kuna language, spoken by the Kuna people of Panama and Colombia. As a concept recently claimed by indigenous communities, particularly within Latin America, it gives them back a sense of space and a place of origin, moving away from colonialism and from constructed terms such as ‘Latinidad’ and ‘Latin America’.

The Bonita Chola will use images of strong activist female role models from the Abya Yala, indigenous and black communities, who have been ignored and erased by history. We will evoke collectively memories and stories through collage making, exploring reconstruction and deconstruction of identity, and focusing on our inner feelings and thoughts. You will get the opportunity to create collages with given printed imagery but also through your own smartphone devices.

-      All the material for the printed collages will be provided.

-      Please make sure you have enough space on your smartphone to create the digital collages.

-      Please have also ready on your phones the apps (Brackground Eraser, PhotoLayers and No Crop), which we will be using during the workshop, and familiarise yourself with them beforehand.


Join our waiting list for MUJERXS OF MY ABYA YALA  here.

All womxn welcome.

This workshop especially welcomes womxn from migrant communities and non-binary people.

This is a free event but registration is essential as spaces are limited.


Angela Camacho 

Angela Camacho (TheBonitaChola on Instagram) is a Bolivian Indigenous creative, Bruja and community organiser. She has been using collages asI way to pass knowledge, to heal from colonialism, to recover the herstory of womxn of color of the Abya Yala, and reconnect with her past. She collaborates with womxn and children in barrios in London to produce and deliver healing arts and crafts workshops that are grounded in her indigenous culture and traditions. Her workshops bring together communities, artists and activists to explore issues of sexism, environmental crisis, multinational exploitation, housing and welfare for refugees and migrants.