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  • Credit: Alexander Porter & Simone C. Niquille

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Digital Disturbances

11 September - 12 December 2015

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Masterclass with Simone C. Niquille

PROXYBODY - collectively locating identities |


15 October, 2.00pm – 6.00pm


“…I tap into your computer history. Your genetics, your personals, your medicals, your psychologicals, your police-and-hospitals. It comes back pulsing stars. This doesn’t mean anything is going to happen to you as such, at least not today or tomorrow. It just means you are the sum total of your data. No man escapes that.” Don Delillo, White Noise


Think about the way you use the internet. How do you communicate, how do you present yourself. Think of the possible ways data is collected about you, a cast self of biometric data and amazon orders? How are you perceived through the information you share?


PROXYBODY is about collectively producing alternate identities for each other’s privacy. In the workshop participants produced concepts for wearable objects that lend us an alternate identity. Using a game of secret santa in which participants were randomly assigned another workshop member and researched the assigned person online, located an identity within the found data, designed a wearable object to help them transform into the alternate persona and ultimately anonymously gift the identity. Are you the sum total of your data?