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  • Credit: Bart Hess

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Digital Disturbances

11 September - 12 December 2015

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Materials Unbound: The Post-Digital Future of Fashion - POSTmatter talk series

Reinventing Craft And Design In The Digital Age |


Friday, 20 November

6.3pm – 8.30pm, RHS Centre Space


Over a series of three talks and discussions led by online magazine and creative studio POSTmatter, the evolution and disruption of craftsmanship, identity and popular culture in a post-digital age was explored, taking in everything from avatars to emoji, pixels to precious stones, along the way.


In this first presentation, POSTmatter outlined the far-reaching influence of the digital age, identifying a clear, practice-based backdrop of new machine-based tools, computer-led software, and emergent materials within fashion and design. Making it clear that this goes far beyond the zeitgeist of 3D printing alone, POSTmatter addressed the increasing emergence of a digital influence within traditional craftsmanship, from glitches rendered in wax, to pixels woven into rugs. Most of all, they established POSTmatter’s distinct focus on the overlaps and tensions between the physical and digital realms, expanding outwards into its implications for the fashion world.


On the panel:

Seetal Solanki


Janis Jeffries Co-curator of the Sonic Pattern exhibition


Cher Potter Senior Research Fellow in ‘design futures’ at the Victoria & Albert Museum


Miriam Ribul (