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  • Barbican plywood mould courtesy of Texturall

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Digital Disturbances

11 September - 12 December 2015

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16 October, 5.00pm – 8.30pm


To coincide with the exhibition Digital Disturbances and the Digital Anthropology Lab’s launch event #RE_IMAGINE, Fashion Space Gallery presented a late opening event.
Visitors were able to explore an exciting array of body-centric work by artist and designers. Alongside a curator tour the event featured a series of interactive demonstrations and displays which brought together practitioners working across design, science and technology to investigate possible human and material futures.

Includes work and demonstrations by:

Universal Assembly Unit

Universal Assembly Unit is a cross-disciplinary London based studio, working in digital narrative and animation, live audio-visual performance and interactive installation.

‘Bond Street Windows’
As part of a site-specific project on a 50 metre section of New Bond Street, the studio was commissioned by Foxall Studio to create an artwork for one of the building’s windows. In collaboration with woven textile designer Teresa Georgallis the studio explored a new visual language between textiles and 3D interactive environments. The final output is a dynamic creature which behaves according to your interaction. Following a rich tradition of textiles used as storytelling devices, its form is built up of layers of cloth encoded with the inaudible sound patterns of Bond Street.

Nicola Plant and Alexander Adderley

‘Sentient Flux’ -An immersive interactive experience

Nicola Plant (movement researcher, artist and programmer) and Alexander Adderley (3D Artist/Animator and Motion Graphics designer) present an installation that immerses you in a transcendental reality of glowing particles that interact with the body.

Studio Aikieu

‘Immateriality/The Future Human’

Working across all areas within the creative and business industry, Studio Aikieu has a keen interest and knowledge within the fields of science, technology, social anthropology and craftsmanship. A series of collections of digital skins inspired by morphogenesis and mineral crystallisation processes have been fashioned for ‘Immateriality/The Future Human’.

Alexa Pollmann

Alexa Pollmann will show a series of video work that reflects her understanding of garments as storytellers, cultural artefacts and tools for speculation. She works with various media such as film, performance, interaction and illustration and creates garment-hybrids and characters to discuss and describe the social impacts of technology. With her most current work being on display in the Design Museum’s Designer in Residence exhibition, the Fashion Space Gallery display shows a wide spectrum of her work including earlier pieces and ongoing projects. Having trained as a fashion designer, Pollmann graduated from Design Interactions at the RCA and runs PEUT-PORTER, a design studio with a focus on fashion and the things that might be worn one day. She also is course leader to the Wearable Futures MA at Ravensbourne College.

Sabine Roth

‘Sensable Space’

Our future is driven by innovation and technology. The living environments and life qualities are changing. Although technology has and will have increasing power and influence over our daily life, there is no guarantee, that it will automatically improve the quality of our life. Personal space refers to an area with invisible boundaries surrounding a person’s body. It is an emotionally charged zone around each person. ‘Sensable Space’ is a collaborative project between Sabine Roth (MA Textiles Mixed Media (RCA)) and Cameron Bowen (MA Design Products (RCA)). It detects the changing properties of personal space. It visualises this psychological construct, referring to physical distance or boundaries, which we attempt to maintain between ourselves, and the people around us.

Curator tour through Digital Disturbances with Leanne Wierzba

The exhibition presents the work of seven designers and creative teams whose work documents these interactions and effects, both in the design and representation of fashion. They can be traced across the surfaces of garments, through the realisation of new silhouettes, in the remixing of images and bodies in photography and film, and into the nuances of identity projected into social and commercial spaces.

Designers include: ANREALAGE, Bart Hess, POSTmatter, Simone C. Niquille and Alexander Porter, Flora Miranda, Texturall and Tigran Avetisyan.

20 John Princes Street