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  • Credit: POSTmatter

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Digital Disturbances

11 September - 12 December 2015

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Materials Unbound: The Post-Digital Future of Fashion - POSTmatter talk series

Through the screen: new ways of seeing |


Monday, 23 November

6.3pm – 8.30pm, RHS East


On the Panel:

Eva Papamargariti


Maks Fus Mickiewicz (Editor of Protein)


Over a series of three talks and discussions led by online magazine and creative studio POSTmatter, the evolution and disruption of craftsmanship, identity and popular culture in a post-digital age was explored, taking in everything from avatars to emoji, pixels to precious stones, along the way.

In this talk, POSTmatter identified the deeper impact of the digital age through its emergence within the wider mainstream. From Photoshop to emojis, they demonstrated the ubiquity of digital manifestations within visual culture at large. POSTmatter then outlined the movement by some artists and designers to disrupt this, examining how this self-awareness and counter-cultural attitude can be successfully drawn upon within the realm of fashion.