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Fashion Photography Next Part 2| Don't Stop Now| Lead Graphic

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Fashion Photography Next - Part 2

6 March - 18 April 2015

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The Everyday and the Epic

Fashion Photography Symposium |

The notions of the everyday and the epic are pertinent to photography and fashion as discreet and combined disciplines. Photography and fashion are cultural mediators of both banality and profundity, and undoubtedly shape our lives in ordinary and superb ways.  Fashion photography presents spectacles from the vernacular through to the fantastic, where images of the ordinary or authentic for example, juxtapose with flights of fancy or propositions of better or different lives, each offering a kind of wish fulfillment.  This symposium will feature a series of talks by fashion photographers featured in our current exhibition ‘Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next – Part 2 ‘ such as Saga Sig, Dennis Schoenberg, Alice Hawkins and Robi Rodriguez and other practitioners whose work relates to the subject matter. It is organized in conjunction with MA Fashion Photography, LCF‘s project “The Everyday and the Epic”, and coincides with a collaboration week with MPS Fashion Photography, School of Visual Arts, New York.

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