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  • Ad Campaign for the 'Tribute to Frida Kahlo' Collection, Women's Prêt-à-Porter Spring/Summer 1998, Art Direction by Jean Paul Gaultier and Illustration by Fred Langlais

  • Advertising Campaign for 'A Wardrobe for Two' Collection, Women’s Prêt-à-Porter Spring/Summer 1985

  • Advertising Campaign for the 'Gaultier Classics Revisited' Collection, Women’s Prêt-à-Porter Spring/Summer 1993

  • 'Fin de Siècle' Collection, Women’s Prêt-à-Porter Spring/Summer 1995

  • 'The Concierge is in the Staircase' Collection, Women’s Prêt-à-Porter Spring/Summer 1988

  • Advertising Campaign for the 'Chic Rabbis' Collection, Women’s Prêt-à-Porter Autumn/Winter 1993–4

Jean Paul Gaultier: Be My Guest

11 April–26 July 2014

From the outset of his career Jean Paul Gaultier has designed the invitations to his catwalk shows and devised the iconic advertising campaigns that have shaped his image. This was the first time this extraordinary body of work has been exhibited. The unique invitations to his catwalk shows, seen only before by industry insiders, alongside the groundbreaking advertising campaigns, reveal the themes and concepts that led to his long-standing reputation as fashion’s enfant terrible.

This graphic design work traced a trajectory through the evolution of his work and included campaigns for seminal collections, including ‘A Wardrobe for Two’ prêt-à-porter collection of spring/summer 1985, in which Gaultier introduced his concepts for androgynous clothing, through to his ‘Tribute to Frida Kahlo’ collection of spring/summer 1998, which highlighted the cultural influences in his work. The exhibition reflected how Gaultier has shaped his image and translated his visionary catwalk collections into iconic invitations and advertising campaigns.

This exhibition was a collaboration between London College of Fashion, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Maison Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris, in co-operation with the Barbican Art Gallery.

Jean-Paul Gaultier: Be My Guest was curated by Alison Moloney and Thierry-Maxime Loriot and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar.


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9 April–25 August 2014

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Event: Gaultier and Beyond – Showcasing Research from London College of Fashion, at the Barbican Art Gallery

27 May 2014, 6pm

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Event: GenderF**k, part of The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier – From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, Barbican Art Gallery events programme

7 June 2014, 7pm

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