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16 March 2017
Opening Time: 6:30 PM

Museum of Transology

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20 January – 22 April 2017

The Museum of Transology is the largest and boldest display of trans artefacts and photographic portraiture ever displayed in the UK. This highly intimate exhibition will challenge the idea that gender is fixed, binary and biologically determined by exploring how the artefacts helped fashion self-shaped gender identities.

The display will feature photography by Bharat Sikka and Sharon Kilgannon, My Genderation films by Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox, Sexing the Transman and Mr Angel documentaries by adult film star Buck Angel, behind the scenes footage from Born Risky by Grayson Perry.


Collected and curated by E-J Scott, and made possible by those who donated their stories and personal objects.

Comissioned by Ligaya Salazar.

Exhibition Design by Patrick Bullock.

Graphic Design by Zed Gregory, TheyThem Studio.


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