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  • Photography by Carlos Jimenez


11 October 2019 – 11 January 2020

The term piecemaker holds multiple meanings. It can refer to a worker paid according to the number of items they produce, or to the person or tool used to make those pieces. It can also be used in reference to a maker or manufacturer who specialises in producing one component or in completing one particular production process.

This exhibition explores the makers and manufacturers behind the seams of London fashion, and the tools and techniques they use to piece together the work of brands and designers. Some of them work exclusively with clothing, while others also apply the same production methods to other forms of output, like art, interiors and costume. Their tools and working spaces give insights into the processes behind crucial components of our clothes, from how buttons are made to how pleats are pressed.

The photographs and films in this exhibition were created by photographer and filmmaker Carlos Jiménez. Spending time in the workspaces of each of the featured makers and manufacturers, his images are part observation of the people and their environment, part contemplation of the tools and processes they use.

Essential and expert, but rarely credited, these creators collaborate with and enable the work of famous fashion brands. This exhibition features seven examples from in or around London, to highlight the ways in which – whether or not you hear enough about it – designers and brands in this city call on the expertise of nearby collaborators to piece their work together.

The exhibition is curated by Susanna Cordner.