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  • Hassan Kurbanbaev - Logomania

The Real Thing

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7 February 2020 – 2 May 2020

The Real Thing explores aspiration, ownership, authenticity ⁠— and the disruptive creative power of fashion bootleg. The exhibition showcases the work of artists and creative collectives who use bootlegging to raise the questions of globalisation, capitalist consumption, identity and sustainability. It’s both a celebration of original creative work which encourages critical thinking towards the symbols we consume and an anthropological survey of how we relate to brands today.

The exhibition features photographed works of the renowned Harlem couturier Dapper Dan by Drew Carolan and an installation by radical ‘brandalist’ Dr Noki who pioneered unique and influential takes on brand appropriation and subversion. It also explores the way bootleg can be used as a tool of political expression through the works of artists and collectives, including; Akinola Davies, Ancuta Sarca, Anna Ehrenstein, Black Obsidian Sound System, Citizens of Nowhere, Hassan Kurbanbaev, HYPEPEACE, Julien Boudet, May Hands, NITE DYKEZ and Tamara-Jade Kaz, Roxman Gatt, Shukri Lawrence and Sports Banger.


The exhibition is curated by Anastasiia Fedorova and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar.