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  • 01. Performance: Design by Destruction, by Benjamin John Hall, Film by Carlos Jimenez, Music by Nico Casal

  • 02. Workshop Laboratory: Bare Conductive, with Studio PSK and Niamh O'Connor, Film by Katy Davies

  • 03. Discursive Dinner: Writing on Fashion, with Vestoj and Arabeschi di Latte, Film by Carlos Jimenez, Music by Nico Casal

  • 04. Workshop Laboratory: YrStore, with Students from BA Fashion Textiles, Film by Katy Davies

  • 05. Fashion Presentation: Edeline Lee, Film by Edward Bishop, Music by Christina Wood of Kaleida

  • 06. Graphics Workshop: Campaign for Fashion Activism, with Slashstroke Magazine, Film by Katy Davies

  • 07. Illustration Workshop: Drawing from Fashion Film, Led by Ana Stankovic-Fitzgerald, with Films Curated by Kathryn Ferguson, Film by Katy Davies

  • 08. Conversation: Making It in Britain, with Daniel Harris from London Cloth Co., and Sara Kelly and Paul Vincent from S. E. H. Kelly, Film by Katy Davies

  • 09. Making Demonstration: Bodies of Work, by Katharina Thiel, Film by Katy Davies

  • 11. Discursive Meal: The Edible Archive, with AVM Curiosities, Film by Carlos Jimenez, Music by Nico Casal

  • Relaunch Exhibition| Half rainbow shape in solid yellow on silver/ grey back ground |Lead Graphic

Past Event

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Drawing from Fashion Film 01–03

24 March 2014
Opening Time: 11:30 AM


13–31 March 2014

Relaunch was a series of 13 consecutive live events that took place within Fashion Space Gallery from 13–31.03.2014. Brought together by an adaptable modular installation designed by The Decorators that facilitated events ranging from discursive meals via workshop laboratories to live fashion presentations, each event addressed a pertinent theme present within fashion in its widest sense. This event series acted as a thematic starting point and blueprint for a new approach and exhibition cycle for Fashion Space Gallery.


Thursday, 13 March
Design by Destruction  by experimental footwear designer Benjamin John Hall

Friday, 14 March and Saturday, 15 March
12:00 noon–5:30pm
Workshop Laboratory: Bare Conductive with Studio PSK and Niamh O’Connor

Monday, 17 March
Discursive Meal: Writing on Fashion with Vestoj and Arabeschi di Latte

Tuesday, 18 March and Wednesday, 19 March
12:00 noon–5:00pm
Workshop Laboratory: YrStore with BA Fashion Textiles tutors, print designers and current students

Thursday, 20 March
Restaging of Edeline Lee’s spring/summer 2014 fashion presentation

Friday, 21 March
12:00 noon–5:00pm
Campaign for Fashion Activism with Slashstroke magazine


Monday, 24 March
Drawing from Fashion Film with fashion illustrator and tutor Ana Stankovic-Fitzgerald, and film selection by filmmaker and curator Kathryn Ferguson

Tuesday, 25 March
Making It in Britain with Daniel Miller of London Cloth and S. E. H. Kelly

Wednesday, 26 March
12.00 noon–5:00pm
Bodies of Work demonstration with MA Fashion Futures student Katharina Thiel

Thursday, 27 March
Dressing for Breakfast performance with Rachel Snider, with costume and set design by Petra Storrs

Friday, 28 March
Discursive Meal: The Edible Archive with AVM Curiosities

Saturday, 29 March
Discursive Meal: Lunch to Dye For with the Permacouture Institute

Monday, 31 March
Just Jam Special: Music and Style


Relaunch was commissioned and curated by Ligaya Salazar with Polona Dolžan and Joana Filipe, Assistant Curators.


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14 March 2014
Opening Time: 12:00 PM

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Writing on Fashion

17 March 2014
Opening Time: 7:00 PM

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YrStore 01–04

18 March 2014
Opening Time: 2:00 PM

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Campaign for Fashion Activism

21 March 2014
Opening Time: 12:00 PM