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Design Residency - Fashion Space Gallery Design Residents 2019: Sophie Huckfield and Lucy Hutchinson

11 Mar 2019 |

Artists Lucy Hutchinson and Sophie Huckfield’s collaboration, New Babylon, explores the socio-political role of emerging life-science technologies on the body. During the residency they explored ways in which digital technologies impact healthcare; how these technologies, their branding, language and funding contribute to the development of healthcare as a commodity.


Lucy Hutchinson is a visual artist, her research-based practice often investigates social histories and the body as a site for capital accumulation. Much of her work looks at how these histories are repeated and mutate whilst searching for alternative futures which challenge the status quo. Her practice develops primarily through drawings but expands into computer generated animation, 3D and traditional printmaking, wearable objects and storytelling.

Sophie Huckfield is a multidisciplinary artist and engineer. She has a cross-disciplinary practice and often works with a range of organisations and individuals to explore the bodies relationship to labour, industry and technology. She employs traditional and experimental modes of production such as traditional craft, performance, sculpture and writing. These inform her practice through materialising the incorporeal in order to understand the emotional, bodily and ancestral relationship we have to labour, tools, machines and technologies.

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