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  • Benjamin John Hall, X-Ray of Kompromat shoe, 2015

Laboratory 12 exhibition| Lead Graphic - Depicts orange background and white reflected typography of title

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Laboratory 12

22 April - 15 July 2016

Design Residency - Fashion Space Gallery Design Resident 2015: Benjamin John Hall

3 Feb 2015 |

Process and Collaborators

Benjamin John Hall’s residency focused on the development of a collection of operational footwear inspired by his research into geopolitical issues and espionage. To enable some of the more technical design ideas, he has collaborated closely with a number of practitioners from different fields. Richard Beckett, Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL where amongst other things he is Co-Director of BiotA Lab, an innovative design research platform that merges architecture, biology and engineering worked with Hall on ideas around material innovation and 3D printing. Nanda Khaorapapong, Researcher in wearable computing and tangible design at Queen Mary, University of London developed the working embedded electronics within the footwear Hall has designed. Martyn Carter, CAD designer and 3D print manager at B-Made, a multidisciplinary centre that strives to foster the next generation of thinkers, designers and makers worked with Hall on the CAD drawings for the 3D elements of his pieces.

To mark the culmination of the residency and the collaboration, the exhibition Laboratory 12 will showcase eight pairs of shoes alongside films, drawings and photography. It will be open to the public from 22 April – 16 July 2016.


Part shoe maker, part inventor, Benjamin John Hall is committed to producing advanced projects in footwear. Conceptually orientated and often exploring design and manufacturing processes his work challenges today’s notions of footwear. Pieces are made by hand in London – by himself and his team over a lengthly research and development period. His experimental work attracts attention and discussion from fashion stylists, photographers, magazine editors, and film-makers, and has been exhibited worldwide. The dramatic use of both film and live performance have become characteristics of his work, using them as a platform to present new collections. Hall studied at London College of Fashion’s Cordwainers College and as a footwear designer has worked with factories all over the world including Italy, Portugal, China, India and the UK. He has lectured at Central Saint Martins, the London College of Fashion and has acted as a technical consultant at the Royal College of Art.

In 2012 Benjamin won the YKK International Talent Support Award for his innovative work and a €10,000 sponsorship. He is also a twice winning recipient of the UK Leathersellers’ award receiving studio sponsorship in 2013 and 2014.

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