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  • Charlotte-Maëva Perret, Riot Collection

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Design Residency - Fashion Space Gallery Design Resident 2017: Charlotte-Maëva Perret

28 Mar 2017 |

Charlotte-Maëva Perret (born 1988, Noumea New-Caledonia) is a French designer and visual artist. In 2016 she created ©MP OFFICE a multidisciplinary creative platform exploring languages of resistance often through collections and reconstructions of existing material. ©MP OFFICE is involved in producing reflective objects and mythologies of collective freedom through what can be described as subversive modes of production and communication.

On one hand, the outcomes stand as critical propositions unveiling the machinery of global mass production. On the other, they unveil a creative potential—layers of aesthetic imagination—serving as innovative tools for economical, cultural and social change. Trained at the Royal College of Art as a graphic designer and a visual artist, Perret’s skills are both functional and imaginary, an ambidextrousness that allows her to appropriate semiotics as a mean of translation—delivering a currency between economies of culture.

Modes of interests include: cultural piracy, vandalism, primitivism, hardware, archaeology, iconoclasm, industrialism, labour, branding, celebrities, commodity and the vernacular.

Her prints and video installations have researched international recognition, including SPECTACULAR BOREDOM AIRMAXIMUM FREEDOM video (2015), HORIZON SUR PLAINE installation (2015), PAYPAL VERIFIED digital oil paintings (2015), and THE RIOT COLLECTION, a pirated clothing line including ‘Too Fast For Raf’ Jacket—later worn by A$AP Rocky in The Weeknd’s video for ‘Reminder’ (2017).


She holds a MA in Visual Communication from Royal College of Art, London and a BA in Graphic Design and Printmaking from University of East London. Charlotte-Maëva is a visiting lecturer at Ravensbourne University, University of East London and London College of Communication.

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