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Design Residency - Fashion Space Gallery Design Resident 2018: Nestor Pestana & Deborah Tchoudjinoff

29 May 2018 |

The Anthropocene Body is a collaboration between Nestor Pestana and Deborah Tchoudjinoff – a symbolic coming together in the context of this residency. Both have complementary interests with regards to the broad subject of fashion and sustainability in the age of the Anthropocene; one focusing on the body, the other on the environment.

Our bodies are ecosystems made of a multitude of symbiotic interactions between different organisms, which live within and on our bodies, and expand beyond our skin to our surrounding environments, playing a crucial role in defining our identities and experiences. This holistic view of the human body considers the environment as a crucial part of it, and invites fashion to be the interface in between.

Nestor Pestana is a Portuguese speculative designer and multimedia artist based in London. His practice focuses on explorations of the human body as a means to reflect upon its relation to emerging technologies, and to spark discussions around the cultural, ethical and environmental implications of such relations in possible futures. He holds a Masters degree in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art in London. Nestor has organised and presented seminars, workshops, and talks in the U.K. and overseas.

Deborah Tchoudjinoff is intrigued by human-landscape entanglements; specifically how the term anthropocene might be understood outside the scientific community. As designer and artist she investigates complexities within its discourse by working in different mediums. Often the broad outcomes are experiential and material installations that consider alternative narratives. She studied Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London.

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