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  • Workshop Laboratory: Bare Conductive with Studio PSK and Niamh O'Connor, Film by Katy Davies

Relaunch Exhibition| Half rainbow shape in solid yellow on silver/ grey back ground |Lead Graphic

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13 March - 31 March 2014

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Bare Conductive 01 + 02

Relaunch: Workshop Lab |

14–15 March 2014

This workshop laboratory, the first of two in the Relaunch programme, was intended to test the design possibilities of conductive ink. It was hosted by Studio PSKan associate of Bare Conductive, who invented the ink, and experimental pattern cutter Niamh O’Connor.

Workshop Programme

Session 1 – Applying Ink

Introduction into conductive inks, the whats and hows.

Experiment with application techniques.

Session 2 – Interfacing with Electronics

How to make basic circuits using Bare’s board or Arduinos with different outcomes.

Session 3 – Brief response

Split into 4 groups with each group given a kit box and pre-made circuit. The participants will be given the briefs below to pick from, but are free to explore and play.

Session 4 – Development and Finalising

Carry on with brief

Show and tell

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