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  • Writing on Fashion with Vestoj and Arabeschi di Latte

Relaunch Exhibition| Half rainbow shape in solid yellow on silver/ grey back ground |Lead Graphic

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13 March - 31 March 2014

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Writing on Fashion

Relaunch: Discursive Meal |

17 March 2014

As part of the Relaunch series of discursive meals, Writing on Fashion saw Arabeschi di Latte serve food used to tell something that is not meant to be known to all. This included the Tourteau fromager, a French cheesecake used as the codename on Radio London to get messages to the Resistance during the Second World War. Sharing the food was a selection of very different fashion writers, scholars, philosophers, journalists and editors, invited by Vestoj‘s Anja Aronowsky Cronberg. They discussed what writing on dress is today and what it should be aiming to say about fashion, taking into account the controversy that appears to surround fashion criticism.

Writers who took part were Johanna Agerman, Tamsin Blanchard, Caroline Evans, Madeline Levy, Susie Lau, Melanie Rickey and Elizabeth Wilson.

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